Monday, April 26, 2010

5 Must Have Tips to Building an Endless List of Prospects

In business, our main inventory is people. Without people we cannot sell products. When I first entered the business world, I quickly realized that having an endless list of prospects was what separated the good from the great when it came to running a business. Here are 5 must have tips on how to have an endless list of prospects that have made me millions:

Tip 1: ALWAYS have business cards with you. Now, you choose what you put on those cards. Sometimes, I would just have my name and number and let them wonder. Other times I had all the info. Here is my favorite and it offers 100 free cards: .

Tip 2: Be a GREAT listener. Be interested in THEM. Find you what they are looking for. Find out what their needs are. Find out what YOU can help them with and be a servant. You want to be like a doctor, find their pain BEFORE you prescribe a solution.

Tip 3: Whenever you meet someone - GET A CARD. This is key. I remember meeting a guy and thinking - he is not a candidate for the business and did not get his card. Then 2 months later my company ran a promotion that got me thinking - he would be a PERFECT candidate, but I did not have his contact details.

Tip 4: When you get a card - write on the card something that impresses you about the person and where you met them .This will be invaluable when you contact them later.

Tip 5: Add them to your contact management system ASAP. This slowed me down for years. I would have all these cards, but no real system or way to stay in touch. Thousands of contacts and surely millions of dollars passed me by because I could not manage my contacts. The best contact management system I found is: .

By implementing these tips you can have an endless list of prospects and at a VERY low cost and a HIGH ROI -- Letting you earn more and work less.

More to come...

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