Monday, April 26, 2010

A must read for small business owners: E Myth

I first heard about this book over 5 years ago. A member of my team talked about it like it was the miracle cure for cancer. I was busy, I was already reading 5 other books and put off reading it.

Two years ago another friend (from another country) asked if I had read E Myth. Hmmm... This must be a sign.

So I got the book and WOW - I was talking about it like it was a miracle cure for cancer.

Here are 3 reasons WHY?

1. I always knew working harder was not the key - I just did not know why? E myth revealed that.

2. I knew the "super rich" much know something I did not know - E Myth revealed that.

3. I knew that had to be a system to what they and if I could find the system, I could be like them - E myth Revealed that.

If you have not read it - READ it and tell me what you think.

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